When I began my undergraduate studies, I thought I’d end up being a translator from Russian. Like so many others, I had a thing for Gogol; I even translated his play The Gamblers under the instruction of a very stern professor who warned me not to take everything so literally. I learned a lot about translation, but the love affair didn’t work out.

I soon switched gears and focused my attention on Latin American women’s writing. I began to see the world in so many new directions that it made me dizzy. On a whim, I contacted Cristina Peri Rossi, whose work had cut through me, and began to translate her short stories.

Since beginning my PhD, I’ve had the chance to explore contemporary Iberian fiction in Catalan and Galician, and have worked with Joan Todó (Catalonia), Llucia Ramis (Catalonia), Jenn Díaz (Catalonia), Blanca Llum Vidal (Catalonia), and Alba Cid (Galicia). I was chosen as one of the American Literary Translators Association’s fellows (2014) for my translation from the Catalan of Llucia Ramis’s short story cycle “The Port.”

When it comes to speculative fiction (micro-fiction & short stories), I’ve had the pleasure of working with Fernando Iwasaki (Peru/Sevilla), Patricia Esteban Erlés (Madrid), Care Santos (Catalonia), and Gabriela Damián (Mexico).

I’m currently co-translating Muriel Villanueva’s The Left Parenthesis for Open Letter Press & my translation of Cristina Peri Rossi’s novella Strange Flying Objects will be published in a bilingual edition by 7vientos Press later this year.