Emergent Translators Collective


We’re a micro press / workshop / writing collective that supports experiments in co-translation. 

  • We use horizontal publication models to create and share our translations. We want to see what collaborative book production can really mean, especially as so many translators working today have experience with editing, translation, and creative writing. We wonder what publishing would look like if collaborative workshopping was brought into the mix.
  • We promote collaboration and shared authorship by partnering with projects, presses, and maker spaces in our communities.
  • We push back against the market in its attempt to marginalize us. We push against academic mores that threaten to contain us.
  • We hope to bring the taboo topic of “payment” to everyday conversations about translation. This isn’t price setting; this is ensuring that equity is prized in our profession.
  • We question our current publishing paradigm and welcome non-western modes of meaning making.
  • We take collective translation, as praxis, seriously.
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