These days I find myself haunting libraries, suitcases, and the folds of well-worn armchairs (my own, most often). I’m most often just ghosting around. My committee is concerned that I like too many things, but for the purposes of my resumé, let’s say: Iberian literatures, media studies, museum studies, and the poetics & pragmatics of translation. Turns out you can tackle them all in one dissertation, though. I try to make classes out of the texts I’m hoarding so I can share the thrill with my students. I co-founded the Workshop in Catalan Studies at UM in 2016 and teach my own Translation Workshop (Complit 322) in spring (2016/2017).

I’m currently an Arts Administration Intern at the Scarab Club in Detroit. Last year, I was an In-Residence Program Intern for 826michigan, where I help coordinate and facilitate writing programs in Ypsilanti, Michigan. On the literary side of things, I’m also a managing editor at Absinthe: A Journal of World Literature in Translation, and am co-editing a volume on Catalan Women’s Writing for publication in 2018. I’ve overseen the creation of a letterpress anthology, published with Wolverine Press, for the Workshop in Literary Translation (UM), which I head. Before that, I spent some time as an intern at the indie press Open Letter Books. Prior to beginning my PhD, I worked as an assistant editor for AsymptoteIn the ages floating before that, I was lucky enough to intern briefly for Words without Borders. And it all began with the small little tiny undergrad literary translation magazine I founded in 2011: Canon Translation Review.

 Right now I’m spearheading the Emerging Translators Collective.